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VINtracker Management Services, Sayage digital signage, and VINguide walkarounds and interiors: proven solutions for real-world challenges of the automotive industry.

About The VINclusive Suite

VINclusive provides relief for your pain points. We offer mature and robust technologies to solve problems, to distinguish your dealership from others in your market, and to improve the shopping experience of your customers.


We know what evaporates your profits… what steals your time and attention. Damage. Vandalism. Theft. Misplaced inventory. Keeping track of floor plan cars.

VINtracker is a small device installed permanently in a vehicle to give you 24/7, online access to inventory data, service data, physical location and even movement alarms for every vehicle in your inventory. No more surprises. No more misplaced cars. No unknown accidents. No hidden thefts.

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To connect with your customers, communication is everything. How do you engage that person who drives onto your lot or enters your showroom. How do you highlight this week’s special offers and targeted inventory?

Digital signage from Sayage is the answer: always on, infinitely configurable, video-based… the right medium for delivering the right message at the right time to your customers. Through a robust and easy-to-learn web interface, Sayage allows you to change content on any sign within moments, even content scheduled by the day of the week or the time of day.

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How do you give your potential customers the information they need to choose your dealership over the one down the street? You offer a rich and robust guided tour of your products and your facilities through VINguide.

VINguide is a toolbox of web solutions that enable you to present video tours of your vehicles, including 360 degree interior views, as well as walk-through tours of your showroom, parts and service desks and shop facilities. Draw your customers to your location through online experiences that eliminate uncertainty and build confidence, all with tools that your staff can use efficiently and effectively… no more wasted time on mediocre photography.

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