About the Sayage Signage Solution

Fixed signage is expensive… and STATIC. It can’t change at the pace you need to communicate with your customers and run your business.

Sayage is a digital signage solution for all of your signage needs on the showroom, at the Service Desk, and even out on the lot.

Sayage leverages mature, well-tested technologies that have been used in business environments around the world for more than 15 years to deliver digital signs that are controlled through Android-based HDMI devices that plug into each digital display.

An elegant and sophisticated user interface gives access to the features of Sayage, allowing your staff to upload digital content — video, audio, graphics, text — from any device with an Internet connection. Your staff can create “channels” of content for each display and schedule dates and times for viewing content on any combination of the displays registered in the Sayage environment.

Our expert trainers can get your Internet-capable employees up to speed on the Sayage interface in under an hour. Our technical support team will be available afterwards to answer questions and help your team get the most value out of the Sayage environment.

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