Online access to inventory data, service data, physical location and even movement alarms for every vehicle in your inventory.

A thousand cuts

The day-to-day challenges of our industry sometimes feel like death by a thousand little cuts. Thieves. Vandals. Careless porters. Impatient customers. Salespeople who can’t find that one particular vehicle needed to close the deal.

Elegant relief

The old solutions – spreadsheets, notebooks and whiteboards – just won’t do. You need real relief for your pain points… and VINtracker is the right solution.

VINtracker is a self-contained motion sensor/GPS locator/cellular radio, that collects and transmits a vehicle’s location and movement data to a web-based tracking platform, where you can monitor and track your inventory through an easy-to-learn interface. The VINtracker device is installed permanently in a vehicle’s wiring harness or in series with the OBD port.

Consider the benefits

The benefits offered by VINtracker are powerful and available 24/7:
  • Geofences and tracking services produce alarms when one of your vehicles leaves the lot, leaves an approved test drive route, experiences an accident… or even is lifted on a jack.
  • Inventory and locator services, along with lot maps, show configuration data for every vehicle in your inventory and display where each vehicle is located – in real time.
  • Inventory tags report how long every car has been in inventory, including which are floor plan cars and which need to move NOW.
  • The OBD interface transmits alert messages from vehicle diagnostics and even displays fuel and battery condition for each vehicle before you need to start it for a test drive.

Adding value after the Sale

VINtracker not only improves management of your inventory, but it also offers your customers a unique and powerful value option for after-the-sale service and tracking of their new vehicle. The VINtracker device will provide location information for the customer in case of vehicle theft, accident or vandalism, and it will report alert messages generated by the vehicle’s on-board computers. Even maintenance intervals can be tracked by the customer through the powerful web interface to VINtracker. The VINtracker reporting services are available for an inexpensive monthly subscription that can be arranged through your finance department as part of the sale transaction.

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